[Official]Recover Dead Samsung S8/S9/S10/S20/S21 Data

April 01, 2021
Summary: There are many reasons why Samsung phones dead/broken such as Samsung Galaxy S8/S9/S10/S20/S21 accidentally fall or damage water, or break down or die due to other unexpected scripts. No matter how the Samsung phone is damaged, this article helps to recover the 
damaged data contact, text messages, photos, videos, SMS, call logs, gallery, audios, WhatsApp messages.
"Hello, can you help me retrieve data from my dead Samsung Galaxy S10?" I dropped it on the table yesterday. Although it was confirmed at the beginning, the damage was serious. It's the Samsung Galaxy S10 What if you want to get data from Samsung that you can't open? "
"Samsung Galaxy S9 is dead, can't open, Samsung screen stops on Samsung logo. Because there is a lot of personal data on the mobile phone, I want to back up the Samsung data before it is restored to the factory settings. Samsung Galaxy will not be able to turn on S9 in the future. How to recover data from the dead Samsung mobile phone? How to backup data on the dead Samsung machine? Please help me"

When the screen of Samsung Galaxy s21/s20/s10/S9/S8 and other Android mobile phones fail, especially when Android data is not backed up, the contact information, SMS and other important data of Samsung mobile phones can be found. Samsung machine is damaged or damaged and may not work properly.
Therefore, general data recovery solutions may not be useful in such damaged or damaged Samsung devices. But searching for data on a malfunctioning or dead Samsung Galaxy doesn't mean it's impossible. Although the Samsung device has been physically damaged, the phone data is safe and healthy. This article will show the detailed solution of data recovery in Samsung phone dead in various cases. You can choose the right solution according to your needs.

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1. How can Android phones dead
2. How to Avoid Samsung Galaxy Phone Sudden Dead
3. Recover Data from Dead Samsung via Android Data Recovery (Recommend)
4. How to recover data from a dead samsung by backup
5. How to Backup Samsung Data

1. How can Android phones dead

Android phones may be damaged for various reasons. Here is a summary of several common reasons that may occur in daily life.

* If you drop an Android phone on the floor or a hard surface, it's a pity that the machine will dead.
* When the mobile phone is wet, rain, water or other liquid falls, if appropriate measures are not taken, the phone may fail.
* For some unknown reasons, the telephone PCB may have some kind of paragraph.

2. How to Avoid Samsung Galaxy Phone Sudden Dead

In order to prevent data loss, it is necessary to convert to recovery mode, and recover personal files of Samsung who died or fell before solving the problem. However, if Samsung dies or collides, it can't start with the normal method, so Samsung can't successfully connect to the computer, activate USB debugging in the broken Samsung phone, and can't send contact information, photos, videos and textures. As usual, in order to backup, Samsung uses the computer to send information and so on.
The dead Samsung seems to have no chance to recover its data. is that true? No, if there is a data repair tool from other companies, it can completely recover files on a dead Samsung mobile phone or tablet. If you want a solution, please read on.
How to avoid the dead of Samsung Galaxy?
1.In order to protect mobile phones from viruses, please use virus vaccines on Samsung mobile phones frequently.
2.In case of data loss or accidental use, please back up Samsung mobile phone regularly.
3.Do not install applications from unreliable sources.
4.Please update Samsung mobile phone to the latest firmware regularly.
5.If the battery does not work properly, replace it.
6.Do not leave the phone for a long time to charge.

3. Recover Data from Dead Samsung via Android Data Recovery

The best way to protect Android Samsung galaxy mobile data is to back up the machine data. Then, if the phone fails, you can restore the important data in the previous backup. However, if no backup files are available, you can also use Android to recover data from a dead phone with Android Data recovery- Broken Android data extraction.
Broken Android data extraction is a well-known data structure tool of Samsung mobile phone. Even if USB debugging is not activated on the faulty Samsung device, personal data can be freely recovered on the damaged/dead collided Samsung mobile phone or tablet computer. Contact information, SMS, information attachment, call record, WhatsApp, WhatsApp attachment, gallery, photo library, photo, video, audio, file, etc.
Importantly, due to the design of repairing broken Android mobile data, Samsung mobile can't input the black picture, or the picture is broken, or the screen is broken, or the touch screen doesn't respond, or there is no gesture or password. In addition, in the broken Samsung machine, even if USB debugging is not activated, data can be easily searched on the broken Samsung mobile phone or tablet. In addition, almost all Samsung devices such as Samsung S8/S9/S10/S20/S21, Samsung Galaxy note 10/Note 9/Note 8 and Samsung tab Pro are perfectly compatible.
Next is the free train for broken Android data extraction You are free to download the correct version of the program on your computer and retrieve data from the dead Samsung.

Steps to Restore data from dead/broken/cracked samsung galaxy S8/S9/S10/S20/S21:
Step 1: Please connect the dead Samsung device to the computer with USB cable and start broken Android data extraction on the computer. Therefore, the program does not open USB debugging on Samsung mobile phone, automatically sensing the death of Samsung. In the program interface, click the "Broken Android data Extraction" tab on the left panel.

Step 2: On the next screen, please select the correct device name and device model of the dead Samsung from the drop-down menu, and then click the "confirm" button to continue.

Step 3: The information for converting the device to download mode is shown below. Enter the download mode in stages according to the screen prompts. Then click the "start" button to continue. 

Step 4: The program then starts searching the device for all recoverable files. After a quick scan, you can see all the file types, such as contact information and photos, on the left panel. Select the file type you want, click the "Recover" button to restore Samsung data, and store the restored Samsung data in the computer. namely.

4. How to recover data from a dead samsung by backup

Method 1: recover Android samsung data from Google account
Many people like to use our google account to back up Android data. The data that can be backed up in this way includes photos, videos, documents, audio, etc.
However, this method does not provide the opportunity to select specific files to recover. In addition, in a higher version of Android, it is not possible to restore the backup with a mobile phone running a lower version of Android.
If you want to recover Android data from our google account, you can add a Google account to your reconfigured Android device, and then follow the steps on the screen to complete the operation. Finally, all the data needed will go back to the Android phone
Method 2: Recover Dead Samsung Data from PC
If Android uses a computer to transfer files, it will be easier to recover the data of a dead mobile phone. You can use the backup files directly on your computer. Or transfer the required files to the new mobile phone, which can be used normally.

5. How to Backup Samsung Data

In many cases, Android phones may suffer data loss. In order to protect the data of the machine, Android can be backed up regularly. Then the Android data can be recovered even if the phone is physically damaged and the data cannot be recovered.
There are many ways to do that. The next section describes how to back up Samsung data.
How to back up Android data through our account
Method of transferring Android data to PC through USB
What's the way to back up Android data through Google account?
You can back up pictures, videos, documents and configuration with Google account on Android phone. Then, if necessary, it can be restored directly with a mobile phone or a new device.
You can backup your phone manually at any time. Let's see the general tour guide here According to the different mobile phone brands, the operation mode will be different.
1.Open the settings app on your phone.
2.Move to system > Advanced > backup.
3.After confirming whether there is a backup option on the Google drive, click the Backup button to start the backup process.
What's the way to transfer Android data to your computer via USB?
Through the USB cable, Android phones can easily transfer files with the computer. Please follow the next step.
1.Please unlock the Android phone.
2.Use USB cable to connect the phone to the computer.
3.If you want to receive a charging notification from your phone, please turn on USB.
4..Use USB to select the file transfer option.
5.The file transfer window is displayed on the computer. Then drag and drop the file into the drag and drop.
6.After transferring all the required files to the PC, remove the phone from the PC, and then disconnect the USB cable.
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