How to Recover Deleted and Lost Data from ViVo Y66/Y67

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“I got ViVo Y66 since it was relased on the market month. Its felexible and sepcial features as well as the pricise appearance appeal to me. I sold my last phone to buy ViVo Y66. Honestly, ViVo Y66 own excellent configuration and works smoothly. I like taking photos with ViVo Y66, for the pictures are so clear. During the year I use ViVo Y66, I deleted some data on it mistakenly. My sister who uses ViVo Y67 has used factory reset on her device, so she also lost some needed data. We all want to find the deleted data back, but we have no ideas.” Is it difficult to recover deleted data back from ViVo Y66/67? If you try to recover deleted data from ViVo Y66/67 on your own, it is a liitle complitcated. However, there is an easier way offered by Android Data Recovery.
Android Data Recovery is devised to meet the demands of the most phone users and deliver them out of their headache for deleted data on their device. To be the most professional Android data recovery software, it is capble of recovering deleted contacts, photos, text messages, videos, call logs, WhatsApp messages and more under common scenarios, like lost data after factory restore or lost data due to OS update. Besides the ability of handling different situations, it offers the most simplest operation to users and give them the best result of data recovery. Many Andriod phone users, including  ViVo Y66/67 users, can apply it for the data recovery, becuase it is compatible with 6000+ Android devices. What’s more, Android Data Recovery guarantees the secrecy of your personal information and the safety of the existing file on your phone.

Now, let's see the steps to how I recover deleted and lost data from your ViVo Y66/Y67.

One Click to Restore Lost & Deleted Data from Your ViVo Y66/Y67


Step 1. Connect Your ViVo Y66/Y67 to PC

Install and run Android Data Recovery on the computer and click into the tooklit Data Recovery on the primary page. Then, connect ViVo Y66/67 to the computer and empower it into USB debugging. Android Data Recovery offers the specific instruction to help you allow USB debugging on your ViVo Y66/67, please follow it.


Step 2. Select File Types to Scan

Once your ViVo Y66/67 is connected succesfully, you can see all the data types that Android Data Recovery can help you to recover perfectly. Check the file types you want to find back, and then click "Next" button to continue the data recovery process.


Step 3. Scan and Find the Deleted Data on Your ViVo Y66/Y67

Now, you are offered two scanning modes. They are the "Standard Mode" and the "Advanced Mode" respectively. Please read the description carfully and select the suitable mode. In general, it is better for you to try "Standard Mode" first. But if you think "Advanced Mode" is the suitable one, you can try it.

After choosing the mode, please hit "Start" button to enbale the softwrae analyzing and scanning the deleted data on your ViVo Y66/67. As the scanning begins, you can watch the process of scanning. But it may take several minutes to complete, please be patient.

Note: If you recieve a Superuser authorization on your device during the scan, just click "Allow" to continue. If not, just skip this step.


Step 4. Preview and Recover Deleted Lost Data

Please wait a moment, the scan is done and you can preview the found data one by one in in details. Check the items you want and click "Recover" button to save them all on your computer.

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