[Solved]2 Ways to Recover Deleted and Lost Data from Samsung Galaxy A10/A10e

February 03, 2020
Summary: If you have troubles with data loss or deletion and don't know how to recover, then please read this article. This article will introduce you two simple and convenient methods to help you easily recover lost or deleted data from Samsung Galaxy A10/A10e.
Recent news shows that Samsung will launch their new product: Samsung Galaxy A10/A10e. Their configuration is as follows: The current mainstream 6.2-inch water drop screen, rear single camera module. In terms of hardware configuration, it is equipped with a 5.8-inch screen with a 720P resolution, equipped with a Samsung Exynos 7884 processor, a storage combination of 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM, and uses 3000mAh and 3400 mAh batteries.
The Samsung Galaxy A10/A10e is not only very good in configuration, it is also very affordable, so it is very suitable for the needs of young people today. However, in the process of using the mobile phone, data in the mobile phone may be lost due to some operation or system problems. So how do we deal with such problems? This article will introduce users to two safe and efficient methods to recover lost data from Samsung Galaxy A10/A10e.
Samsung Data Recovery is a very professional data recovery software. It only takes a few minutes and it can recover almost all data. For example, it can restore WhatsApp chat history, text messages, photos, videos, contacts, call history, audio and other data, which can fully meet your needs. In addition, its compatibility is also very powerful, such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, etc.. It can be easily compatible. More importantly, it is very secure because it ensures that data is not leaked. So what is the recovery process of these two methods? Here are the specific steps.


Method 1 Directly Restore Data from Samsung Galaxy A10/A10e without Backup

Step 1: Download and install Samsung Data Recovery on your computer and run it. Select "Android Data Recovery" mode on the software's homepage.

Step 2: Connect the Samsung Galaxy A10/A10e to the computer using USB, and enable USB debugging on the phone.

Note: In order to recover more lost data in your phone, you need to enable USB debugging on Samsung Galaxy A10/A10e. If you do not understand how to do this, due to Samsung Data Recovery will prompt you, so you can follow the instructions of Samsung Data Recovery directly.
Step 3: Now, the data displayed on the Samsung Data Recovery page are all types of data that you can recover to Samsung Galaxy A10/A10e. Select the type of data you need and click "Next" on the page to scan.

Now,you’ll get a window as follow on your device.Tap “Allow” on your device to enable the program to scan your device for deleted/lost data.

Step 4: After the system automatically scans the selected data type, users can preview and select each specific item of data on the page according to their needs, and then click "Recover" to save it to the computer.

Note: Please make sure that your phone battery is more than 20% charged and keep the connection between your phone and the computer.

Method 2 Restore Data from Backup to Samsung Galaxy A10/A10e

Step 1: Run Samsung Data Recovery and select "Android Data Backup & Restore" mode on the homepage

Step 2: Connect the Samsung Galaxy A10/A10e to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 3: Select "Device Data Restore" or "One-click Restore" mode.

Step 4: Select the backup in the backup list and click the "Start" button.

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