How to Recover Deleted and Lost Data from OPPO Reno2/Reno2 Z

November 12, 2019
Summary: This article will introduce you to a simple and convenient way to recover the lost and deleted data from your OPPO Reno2/Reno2 Z even if without backup.
As we all know, contemporary young people are more and more fond of using mobile phones to record video to record their good life. However, when a mobile phone shoots a good video, it needs to have two key elements: clear picture quality and stable picture. Therefore, they have higher and higher requirements for the shooting function of mobile phones. OPPO Reno2 and Reno2 Z are two mobile phones that have both of these key elements.
OPPO Reno2 is a high-value, cost-effective mobile phone with deep sea light, ocean heart and mist powder in the body color. The OPPO Reno2 features a 6.5-inch panoramic screen with a very narrow bezel design. The front-facing camera's side-rotation design allows the front screen to have no bangs and no holes, making the field of view more open and unbound. In terms of taking pictures, the OPPO Reno2 is set at 16 megapixels, which can be used to raise and lower the front soft light to support backlight shooting and front portrait shooting. The rear lens is a 48 million ultra clear master camera + 13 million telephoto + 8 million wide angle + black and white style four camera combination, and supports the night mode and video super anti-shake.
OPPO Reno 2Z, in the core configuration, is equipped with MediaTek helio P90 processor, front 16 million pixels, battery capacity of 4000mAh, support VOOC 3.0 flash charge, support NFC. OPPO Reno 2Z rear set 48 million four camera, it consists of four main shooting + wide angle + black and white + portrait style, the main camera is Sony IMX586, equipped with four-in-one pixel aggregation technology, with the night mode can also be used in dark light environment Clearly presented. The OPPO Reno 2Z is equipped with the Ultra Steady super anti-shake algorithm for more accurate attitude estimation, with a high frame rate of 60fps, and a smooth and smooth ultra-clear output.
In the face of OPPO Reno2 and Reno2 Z two very cost-effective mobile phones, I believe that many customers have purchased or plan to buy. However, after the user has used it for a while, due to some wrong operation of the user or the virus attack of the mobile phone, the important data on the OPPO Reno2/Reno2 Z is lost or deleted without backup. In the face of such a situation, some users feel helpless and do not know what to do to restore the data on OPPO Reno2/Reno2 Z. For this kind of user, I want to introduce you to a software - OPPO Data Recovery. With OPPO Data Recovery, you will be able to easily recover important data lost on OPPO Reno2/Reno2 Z.
OPPO Data Recovery is a software designed to recover lost and deleted data from almost all OPPO smartphones, so you can easily to recover all lost or deleted data from your OPPO Reno2/Reno2 Z by using this software, such as contacts, photos, videos, audio, call logs, text messages, WhatsApp messages and more. In addition, as a professional data recovery software, OPPO Data Recovery is also super compatible. It is compatible with all Android phones on the market, including OPPO, Huawei, Samsung, ZTE, Xiaomi, Google, LG, vivo, Lenovo, Goolge, Nokia, HTC, Sony and so on.


Directly Reccover Deleted and Lost Files on OPPO Reno2/Reno2 Z without Backup


Step 1: Connect your OPPO Reno2/Reno2 Z to computer

First, download and install OPPO Data Recovery on your computer and launch it. Then select the "Android Data Recovery" mode on the OPPO Data Recovery's homepage. Now, connect your OPPO Reno2 or OPPO Reno 2 Z to computer with a USB cable.

Tip: During the connection process, you need to perform USB debugging on OPPO Reno2/Reno2 Z. During the USB debugging process, if you don't know how to operate, OPPO Data Recovery will prompt you according to your Android version.


Step 2: Select the data to be recovered for scanning

Once connected, you will be able to see all recoverable data on the interface, such as contacts, photos, videos, audio, call logs, text messages, WhatsApp, etc.. In the page hill, check the data you need to recover, then click "Next" to scan.

Before the software scans the data on your phones, the program needs your authorization to continue. Now, when the superuser needs authorization, click Allow/Grant/Authorize. If you do not see such a requirement, you need to install the application and click “Retry”.


Step 3: Preview and restore selected data

After the scan is complete, you will be able to see each specific item of the data selected in step 2 on the OPPO Data Recovery page. Preview specific items as needed, then select them. Once the selection is complete, click on “Recover” in the lower right corner of the page to restore the data to your computer.

Tip: Do not disconnect your OPPO Reno2/Reno2 Z during the whole data recovery process until it's completed.

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