How to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from OPPO R11s/R11s Plus

December 21, 2017
After a period of time using OPPO R11s/R11s Plus, a number of data or files are naturally stored on the phone. If the stored data is not important, we often delete them to make more storage space for the our OPPO R11s/R11s Plus. However, sometimes our carelessness will cause some important data to be deleted. When this happens, how to recover the deleted/lost data?
In general, we can use the data recovery tool to retrieve the deleted or lost data. However, not all software is practical and safe. Here I will introduce a software called Android Data Recovery which is the world's 1st data recovery software for Android phones and tablets. In a lot of software, why can the Android Data Recovery stand out?
Android Data Recovery, with a high success rate, provides users with effective methods to restore various documents such as SMS, contacts, photos, videos, call history, audio, WhatsApp messages & attachments, etc.. As an easy-to-use software, the steps of its use are necessarily simple and convenient. In addition, all brands of Android mobile phones can be used, including Samsung, HUAWEI, OPPO, ViVo, SONY, ZTE, Meizu, HTC, LG, Google, OnePlus and so on. That is to say, almost all of the Android devices on the market can use it.


Attention: Once you find out that your data is missing, pleaes use your phone as little as possible until all lost data is restored, to avoid the data that you needed to be covered by the new data.

Directly Restore Deleted and Lost Data from OPPO R11s/R11s Plus


Step 1. Connect Your OPPO R11s/R11s Plus

Please give it a click and download Android Data Recovery in the first place, after that, you should launch the program. As you can see on the screen as below, please select "Recover" to go on.

Next, you should hook up your OPPO R11s/R11s Plus to your computer and open the USB debugging on your phone. Then you're go into the next interface.

Step 2. Select the file type to scan

When your OPPO R11s/R11s Plus is successfully connected to the computer, you can start scanning the file from your phone. Before this, please select which type of file to be scanned, and click "Next" after checking the file type you want.

At this point, if your OPPO R11s/R11s Plus has no root, you need to complete the following steps to continue to scan the phone data.

The program provides two scanning modes: Scan for deleted files and Scan for all files. Please check one of these modes and click "Next". Now, the program starts to scan and analyze your OPPO R11s/R11s Plus .

Step 3. Select file data to recover

When the scanning process ends, all the scanned data are displayed in the program interface in the form of a list. You can preview them one by one, and then select the files that need to be restored and click "Recover".

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