How to Recover Deleted/Lost Data on Huawei Mate 20X

October 29, 2018
Summary: This is an useful article will tells an simple and effective way for you to directly recover deleted and lost data including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, call logs, WhatsApp messages, audio and more from Huawei Mate 20X without backup.
Huawei Mate 20X uses a 7.2-inch OLED giant screen with a resolution of 2244x1080, a screen aspect ratio of 18.7:9 and a screen proportion of 87.83%. The fuselage is available in blue and silver. In order to take full advantage of the 7.2 inch screen, Huawei also equipped with M-Pen handwriting pen, support 4096 level pressure, user mail, daily office tasks, can be achieved by handwriting pen. Large screen, at the same time, also has large power. HUAWEI Mate20 X is equipped with 5000mAh capacity battery. Huawei officials say Mate 20 X's game lasts three hours longer than the iPhone's XS Max and can play 23 hours of video in a row, nine hours longer than the iPhone's XS Max.

However, no matter how powerful your mobile phone is and how powerful it is, you can't avoid losing data. Because this is a common problem for every mobile phone users. So, what would you do if you lost some important data from your Huawei Mate 20X without any backup files? Here, I recommend a software designed specifically for data recovery - Huawei Data Recovery.
There is no doubt that Huawei Data Recovery has so many functions in data management, one of the most outstanding funcition is data recovery. It can help you restore your usual data types, such as contacts, photos, videos, audio, text messages, WhatsApp messages, call history and so on. What matters is its confidentiality and security. In the process of data recovery, software will never cause any damage or loss to your phone's data. So you don't have to worry about security. What's more, in addition to Huawei, the program also matches almost all Android phones on the market, such as Samsung, vivo, HTC, LG, Sony, Motolora, Google, OPPO, ZTE, Xiaomi, OnePlus and so on, of course, including the latest Huawei Mate 20X.


Directly Restore Deleted and Lost Files from Huawei Mate 20X

Step 1. Launch Huawei Data Recovery on your computer and select "Android Data Recovery". Next, connect your Huawei Mate 20X to your computer with a USB cable, the program will automatically detect your phone soon.

Step 2. If your Huawei Mate 20X can not successfully identified by software, you need to turn on the USB debug mode. If you don't know how to operate, follow the prompts on the screen. Click "OK" button to go to the next step.

Step 3. Then, you need to select the type of file to restore. By default, all data is checked, and if you only need to restore a specific file, then you just need to check the corresponding file type, and then click "Next" button to scan the selected data.

At this point, you need to root your Huawei Mate 20X for allowing this program to scan your phone data. After rooting your device successfully, for scanning deleted data, this software needs your permission from the Huawei Mate 20X. You could make the setting for granting permission on your device. Then click "Retry" to proceed to the next steps.

Step 4. When the scan is completed, you can preview all the found result one by one. Check the items you wanted and click "Recover" to complete recovering process.

Tips: Please ensure that your Huawei Mate 20X connected well and will not power off during the whole scanning and recovery process.
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