How to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from Huawei Honor 8X(Max)

September 13, 2018
Summary: This tutorial will tells you a simple and reliable way to get back the deleted and lost data from Huawei Honor 8X(Max) without backup, including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, call logs, audio, WhatsApp messages and so on.
Huawei is announcing two new Honor phones today, the 8X and 8X Max, and both of them are huge. The 8X has a 6.5-inch screen, while the 8X Max jumps up to an even bigger 7.12-inch screen, putting it into what used to be small tablet territory. For comparison, the phone’s predecessor, the Honor 7X, had a large but manageable 5.93-inch screen.
While those dimensions will absolutely make for a pair of big devices, they may not be quite as giant as they sound: the 8X and 8X Max both use wider than normal aspect ratios, which should make them taller than a typical phone.
Yesterday, I had a dinner with my aunt's family. After dinner, my cousin and I watched TV in the livingroom. When a TV program was over, I showed my new Huawei Honor 8X(Max) to my cousin. My cousin Jack was very fond of my new phone, and he wanted to play mobile games by Huawei Honor 8X(Max). I gave him my phone and I went on watching TV program. After a while, my cousin was terrified and he told me that he accidentally deteled all data which saved in my phone.
I was very shocked at what he did. But not so bad because I knew how to recover my deleted data. If you often accidentally deleted some data or you had a mischievous cousin, I think that you should read my article. I recommended a software called Huawei Data Recovery to you.
Huawei Data Recovery is a professional and easy-to-use data recovery program, which could help you recover deteled and lost data including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, call logs, audio, WhatsApp messages and more from any models of Huawei smartphone and tablet, of course including the Huawei Honor 8X(Max) and even the latest Huawei Mate 20(Pro).


Steps to Get Back Deleted and Lost Files on Huawei Honor 8X(Max)


Step.1 Launch the software and connect Huawei Honor 8X(Max) to computer

Firstly, you should launch Huawei Data Recovery and run it. Then, click on "Android Data Recovery" on the primary interface.

Next, by using the USB cable of your mobile phone, you should connect your Huawei Honor 8X(Max) to computer. After finishing connecting, your Huawei Honor 8X(Max) will appear on the computer.


Step.2 Select the types of the file

In this step, Huawei Data Recovery will show you all the data types which it supports to recover, and you just need to select the types of the file which you want to recover.


Step.3 Preview and recover whatever you want

At last, you can preview the data of your Huawei Honor 8X(Max) on your computer. please select the data which you want to recover, then click on "Recover". Then, you recovered your data successfully.

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