Recover Broken Samsung S10/S9/S8 Photos/Messages/Contacts

March 10, 2021
Overview: Your Samsung S10/S9/S8 is broken but still has important data in it? Find out how to recover Photos/Messages/Contacts and other data from broken Samsung S10/S9/S8 in this article.
Crack screen, blank screen, water damaged, falling from a height, etc. caused our Samsung S10/S9/S8 to break. If this happens to you, it's frustrating enough. What's even more frustrating is that a broken device is often difficult to handle and some of our important data inside is inaccessible. So is there a way to recover Photos/Messages/Contacts and other data from a broken Samsung S10/S9/S8? Find the solution in this article.



Methods Outline:

Method 1: Use Android Data Recovery to Recover Broken Samsung S8/S8/S10 Data (Recommend)

Method 2: Recover Samsung S10/S9/S8 contacts from Google account

Method 3: Use Samsung Smart Switch to restore Samsung S10/S9/S8 data


Method 1: Use Android Data Recovery to fix your Samsung s10/s9/s8 and restore Photos/Messages/Contacts

Whether it’s crack screen, blank screen, water damaged, broken Android devices, SD cards formatted, factory settings restore, operating system corruption updates or new ROM flashing, Android data recovery can help you recover lost data in 98% of cases. Android data recovery can also help you back up and restore a variety of data from your phone.
Support cell phone models´╝ÜSamsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo, Meizu, HTC, ZTE, LG, Sony, ASUS, Oppo, Motorola, Nokia, Google, OnePlus, Lenovo and so forth.
Supports data types: contacts, SMS, photos, pictures, images, videos, audio, call logs, WHATSAPP messages, documents...

Step 1: Download and open the appropriate version of Android Data Recovery.

Step 2: Connect your device to the computer. Select "Broken Android Data Extraction"

Step 3: You will see two options, one is screen damage inoperable and the other is system damage, select the option corresponding to the damage of your phone and click "Start".

Step 4: Confirm your device name and model number, click "I agree to claim " > "Confirm".

Step 5: Follow the on-screen instructions to enter the download mode and click "Start".

Step 6: After phone recovery, the data will be scanned and displayed on the page.

Step 7: Select the data you need to recover and click "Recover".


Method  2: Recover Samsung S10/S9/S8 contacts from Google account

If you have previously backed up your contacts in your Google account and your Samsung S10/S9/S8 is broken, you can restore these contacts by logging in to your Google account on another device.
Step 1: Open Google from your phone's settings
Step 2: Click Settings and Restore.
Step 3: Click on "Restore" contacts.
Step 4: Select your Google account to restore contacts. Please click on "From Account".
Step 5: Click the phone along with the contacts to copy them.
Step 6: Click "Restore" and wait until you see "Recovered contacts".
Step 7: To avoid duplication, your phone will only recover contacts that have not yet been recovered. Recovered contacts will also be synced to your current Google account and other devices.

Method 3: Use Samsung Smart Switch to restore Samsung S10/S9/S8 data

Similar to Google, Samsung Smart Switch can help you backup & restore your phone data, you can restore your broken Samsung S10/S9/S8 data to another device, provided that you enabled Samsung Smart Switch backup service before your Samsung S10/S9/S8 broke.
Step 1: Connect your device to your computer and start Samsung Smart Switch on your computer
Step 2: Click "Restore".
Step 3: If you want to restore from an earlier backup, select "Select a different backup", otherwise select "Restore now"

Step 4: Allow access rights on the phone.
Step 5: Click "Allow" on the phone to continue the recovery process

Step 6: Once the recovery process is complete, you will get a breakdown of the recovered data. Click "OK" to complete the restore.

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