How to Unroot a Samsung Galaxy Phone?

November 29, 2017
As we all know, Samsung Galaxy phone users can modify the default settings, code or other parameters by root their phone, so that we can get a faster and more free running experience. But if we root Samsung Galaxy phone, the phone will lose the chance of free warranty, and the phone is also in an unsafe state. In addition, some software or games can only be installed in devices without root. Therefore, in some specific cases, the Samsung Galaxy phone user may reconsider cancel the Root permissions that the device has obtained, especially if you want to restore the warranty service of the device. In other words, they need to unroot the Samsung Galaxy phone. So, how to unroot a Samsung Galaxy phone?
We can use Dr.fone - Android Toolkit to unroot Samsung Galaxy phones fast and safely. Dr.fone can help us root mobile phones, and it can also provide us with unroot phone services. Compared with the same type of software, it saves the complicated steps, so each of the steps we use is simple. The software system will automatically unroot phones, and we only need two steps to start the process. More importantly, its unroot success rate is the highest. Of course, this is a software for Android phones, so it supports the Samsung Galaxy Note series, the Samsung Galaxy S series, the Samsung Galaxy C series and other devices.


How to Unroot A Samsung Galaxy Phone


Step 1. Run the program and connect your phone to the computer

First, you need to download and run dr.fone on the computer. Next, you can see all the functions of the software, such as "Recover", "Transfer", "Root" and so on, and you need to click "Root".

Then, use the USB line to connect your Samsung Galaxy to the computer. The program automatically detects your phone and its root status.


Step 2. One click to unroot your Samsung Galaxy phone

Next, you can see a "Unroot" button, meaning that you can click on it and start the unroot of the Samsung Galaxy. After clicking on it, waiting for a few seconds, your Samsung Galaxy phone will be successful unrooted.

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