How to Back Up and Restore Google Pixel/Pixel XL

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October 5th, Google held a new conference in the United States. At the press conference, Google officially released the year's flagship Smartphone: Pixel and Pixel XL. This is also the design of Google's own products. In terms of appearance, the Google Pixel XL and Pixel machine design more rounded, the back of the fuselage has a unique "G" Logo. The back of the fuselage is also equipped with a fingerprint identification module, and the fuselage using virtual button settings.
I bought a Pixel last weekend. This phone to my experience is very good. Now, I want to back up the data on my phone to my computer. I want to use a quick and accurate method.

We can manually back up the phone data to the computer, but this approach is a bit cumbersome, especially in the case of very many mobile phone data. Therefore, I will introduce a software which is named Android Data Recovery. It can help you quickly back up your mobile phone data, without missing any of your data, and it's organized. In addition, it can also help you to restore the backup from the computer data to any supported Android devices. It can be said that the software is versatile. The software can now be compatible with more than 6 thousand Android devices. What's more, you can directly restore your lost and deleted data from Pixel/Pixel XL as well as other Android devices by using this tool.


Steps to Back Up and Restore Your Google Pixel/Pixel XL


Step 1. Run Android Data Recovery and Connect Your Phone to PC

First of all, you need to download Android Data Recovery to your computer. Then, install and launch it, and select "Android Data Backup & Restore" from the "More Tools" section. At the same time, connect your Pixel/Pixel XL to your computer with the USB cable. When the program is successful in identifying your cell phone, it will show that your phone is already connected. 


Step 2. Enter the Backup Window

And there are two buttons for you to choose, one is "Backup", and the other is "Restore". Next I show you how to back up the phone data at first, please click on the "Backup".


Step 3. Select File Types to Backup

Now, the program will provide nine items for you to choose, including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, audio, call logs, calendar, application data and so on. You just need to check the items you want to back up according to your needs, and then click "Backup".

This process only takes you for a few minutes or even less. At this point, the program will show the backup process.

When the process is completed, it will show that the "Backup has been completed". You can click on the "view the backup" button to browse the data that you have backed up, and selectively to export whatever you liked to your computer.


Step 4. Select File Types to Restore from Backup

When you need to restore any data from the previous backups, between backup and restore as displayed on Step 2, you certainly need to click "Restore". And then enter the next interface.

At this point, you can select backup files from your computer in the upper left corner. These files can be derived from Android devices or other devices.

Then, you can also see a column of data types on the left side. You can click on it to view the detailed content on the right. There is a box on the left side of the type, and when you check it, you will recover all the data about this type. Click on the lower right corner of the "Restore". Next it will pop up a window, you need to allow authorization and click "OK".

When the process is over, the recovery has been completed.

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