How to Recover Deleted Photos Videos from LG G5

May 09, 2016
With continuous improvement of smart phone, it can be regarded as a mini but multifunctional camera. Nowadays, people like taking photos for themselves frequently with their phone. To some of them, taking photos and making little videos just to memorize the special and significant moments in their life. To others, they do these for fun and show their characteristics through these. Anyway, I believe photos and videos are the most important data on everyone’s phone.

In general, few people will deleted photos and videos on the phone accidentally unless they delete them by themselves. However, as for a new user of LG G5, the newest smart product of LG series, the impossible situation may happen possibly. They enjoy the new and exciting experience through LG G5, but also feel annoyed about causing many problems carelessly because of unfamiliarity.
In this time, you need a help LG Data Recovery. Under the help of LG Data Recovery, it is absolutely easy to recover deleted photos and videos. Why LG Data Recovery can do it at ease? It is common that there are lots of Android data recovery software in application market. But LG Data Recovery is the best one in the market and the best choice for customers. It can recover deleted photos, videos, contacts, messages and so on and support the range from LG to others Android system phone brands. How powerful it is. So, why not have a try?

Steps to Recover Deleted Photos Videos from Your LG G5/G4


Step 1. Launch LG Data Recovery and Connect LG G5 to the Computer

First, download and install the LG Data Recovery on the computer. Next, launch the software properly and connect LG G5 to the computer with USB cable. 

Step 2. Ensure USB Debugging

If don’t ensure USB debugging, the program will not have any reaction to show it connects with your device. In this time, you should check the joint between USB cable and the PC. If your LG G5 is recognized, just skip it.

Step 3. Analyze and Scan Deleted Data from Your LG G5

Once your LG G5 is detected, the program will ask you to select whatever file types you want to scan, just do it and press "Next".
Besides, you need to choose either the "Standard Mode" or the "Advanced Mode" and press “Start” to begin analyzing your phone. In this process, you can see many deleted flies being analyzing quickly.
After that, click “Allow” button to continue to scan. In this part, you need to make sure that the power battery of your phone is not less than 20%, for the power has to be used to back the working program, LG Data Recovery. In addition, except LG Data Recovery, you'd better do not launch other software.


Step 4. Preview and Choose Deleted Photos Videos to Retrieve

After scanning, you will see lots of deleted data from LG G5. Many options appear on the computer screen, so you can choose what you want to retrieve. To recover deleted photos and videos, you should choose the options of photos and videos. After that, click “Recover” button. And then deleted photos and videos will be saved on the computer. You can sync them into your LG G5.

LG G5 is a kind of new powerful smart phones and LG Data Recovery is the best and most reliable assistant for LG and more Android smart phones. Therefore, if I were you, I would download and experience this software immediately. So, what are you waiting for?

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