How to Recover Lost Data from Factory Reset Oppo

July 06, 2016
Oppo is one knid of popular Android phone in the market. It is famous for its beautiful appearance and high quality of music effect. It do deserve people's love, especially the person who has high demanding on musci effect of a smart phone.
However, no matter waht kind of Android phone, it is no wonder that every phone must get something wrong sometimes. There are lots of type of wrong situations, among which lost data and deleted important data are most common.

Fortuantely, data recovery becomes easy with Oppo Data Recovery. Smart phone users will los their data becuase of various accidents. Some persons lost their data becuse of factory reset. If your data don't be deleted by the professional data eraser, they are also availavle. Why? This is because Oppo Data Recovery can find lost data for you and help you recover them at ease.
Oppo Data Recovery is a safe, professional data recovery software for Oppo. It supports not only Oppo products, but also Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, Motorola, ZTE, and more. With this software, you can recover easily your deleted contacts, photos, videos and messages and so on.


Steps to Recover Lost Data from Factory Reset Oppo


Step 1. Run Oppo Data Recovery on the Computer

Launch Oppo Data Recovery on the computer and connect your Oppo with USB cable. Please close any other Android phone management software, when you launch Oppo Data Recovery.

Tips: If you are the first time use Oppo Data Recovery or your connected device can not be recognized, please enable USB debugging.

Step 2. Choose the Type of Files to Scan

Here, you can check the files you want to restore. Then, please click “Next” button to continue the recovery process.


Step 3. Analyze and Scan Your Oppo

Click "Start" and "Allow" button to allow Oppo Data Recovery to analyze and scan your phone.
Then, you need to choose one corresponding scan mode for your device. There are two mode you can choose,"Standard Mode" and "Advanced Mode". In common, we advise you choose "Standard Mode" first. However, if the base root fails, select the "Advanced Mode".

Notes: Please ensure the battery power of your device is no less than 20% and click "Allow" to confirm the superuser authorization, if you meet during the scanning.


Step 4. Preview and Restore Deleted Data Contacts

In this section, all deleted and existing files will display to you. you can check all deleted data after factory reset from your phone and select the needed flies to recover. Click on “Recover” button to save the selective files on your computer.

Notes: To avoid existing files, you can turn on "Display deleted files only" button or use the search function on the top right to search what you need in the scan result.
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