How to Recover Lost/Deleted Data Contacts from LG G5

May 08, 2016
LG is a famous Korean cell phone brand. It is designed as well as Samsung and always not a bad choice when you want to buy a new cell phone, but the latest product LG G5 contains new improvement. And its progress may attract you much. In this product, the concept of template makes G5 involve great progress in functions and extends G5 using time. What’s more, G5 gains rebirth through adding up a series of accessories, which will make G5 perfect. 
After the introduction of LG G5, you may be quite interested in it because of its attraction and advance. To a new thing, it is natural to make some mistakes for you do not get handle of it totally, even though you have used it for period of time. Some mistakes may cause you into a trouble, like lost/deleted data contacts from your new phone, LG G5. When this situation happens, LG Data Recovery, a powerful recovery software can help you solve problems easily and breezily like a cork.
LG Data Recovery is the number one Android smart phone and tablet recovery software.It supports not only LG G5, but also Samsung, HTC, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, Motorola, ZTE, and more. It is wide range of application and pretty reliable. With its help, you can recover lost/deleted data contacts, messages, photos and more.Well, Let’s start to learn how to recover lost/deleted data contacts from LG G5/G4/G3.



Steps to Recover Lost/Deleted Data Contacts from LG G5


Step 1. Enter LG Data Recovery and Connect Your LG G5 to PC

First, download and install the program on the computer. And then enter it and check whether it can work properly or not. If nothing wrong, connect your device to PC with suitable USB cable.

Step 2. Enable USB Debugging and Choose a Scanning Mode

It is an important step to pay attention. Enable USB debugging clearly, so that the program can detect your device carefully. On the contrary, the program can work for you let alone detect your phone. However, if your phone is recognized, just skip it.
When your phone is detected by the program, the next window will pop up, you need to select the file types you wanted and click "Next".
Next, you are allowed to choose a scanning mode and press "Start" to let the program begins scanning your device.

Step 3. Allow to Analyze and Scan LG G5 for Lost/Deleted Data Contacts

After getting through the second step successfully, you should click a pop-up button “Start” to began analyzing. And then , press “ Allow” to scan. Analyzing and scanning may be a little long, so just wait patiently and do not open other programs on your phone or computer.
Noteļ¼šBefore beginning this process, you need ensure the power of LG G5 battery is more than 20%. 

Step 4. Preview and Select Lost/Deleted Data Contacts to Recover

When third step completed, you can preview all lost/deleted data. In this time, select select lost/deleted data contacts among options. And then, click “Recover” button to save the data. Thus, you can regain your contacts on your LG G5 after finishing all processes.
The steps above just help you understand how to recover lost/deleted data contacts from LG G5 easily. If you want to recover other files data, you can read other relavant guidance articles.

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