How To Fix Android Black Screen Of Death Issue

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"Hello, everyone there! My Android smart phone went black while being using to view some photos saved on an inserted 64GB SanDisk Micro SD card. And then, no matter which button I tried to press, including the power button, this android cell phone just got no response and showed nothing on its black screen. Does anyone know what has caused such phone black screen of death problems? What should I do to fix such android phone screen black problems? How can I restore the common use of my mobile phone? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!"
In the daily use, there are many reasons for our Android phone black screen, for example, the memory problem of the mobile phone, the internal hardware problem, the application software conflict, the virus invasion, the bad contact of the battery and the battery connector, the system software malfunction, failing root and so on. Fortunately, the simplest way to repair your Android phone that stuck at black screen and recover data is using Android Data Extraction.
Android Data Extraction is the all-in-one data and system recovery program tha empowers you download recovery package for your Android phone and fix Android phone with black screen of death problem, only few steps to repair your black/blank screen Android phone to normal quickly and safely. What's more, this software alsoallows to recover the deleted and lost data including contacts, text messages, call logs, WhatsApp, photos, videos, audio and more from almost all the Android phone and tablet.

Now, please click to free download the trial version here, and follow our tutorial to fix your Android device to normal.


Steps to Fix Android Black Screen Of Death Issue


Step 1. Connect your phone to PC and choose a mode

Then connect your phone with the computer with an USB. After that, click “Broken Android Data Extraction” option and go to next step.


Step 2. Select the stuck type of your Android phone

Skip to the next screen, you should select the stuck situation that match your device. As you can see, there are two options for choose, in general, the first choice is mostly for the damaged device, and the second case is for system error.

Please according to your need and choose one of them. Here please select the second one and click on "Start" to go on.

In this black screen case, you should choose "Black Screen" option and press "Next".


Step 3. Select and confirm your device information

Then on the new window, select the correct device name and the device model for your phone. Please ensure that you have selected the correct device name and the device model for your device. The wrong information may lead to bricking your phone or any other errors.

If done, click on the "Confirm" button to go on.

Step 4. Get your phone into Download Mode

After you connect your phone which is stuck on black screen to computer, Android tool kit will pop up the window as below.Choose one from the displayed situations on the popup window to continue.

This is the step of entering the download mode of the phone and start on with the screen recovery. Here you need to follow up three individual steps which include:
1) Hold the power key to Power off the Phone
2) You next have to press the Volume Down, Key, The Power key as well as the Home Key at the same time
3) Next up leave all the keys and press the Volume Up key to enter the download mode of the phone

Step 5. Fix Android Black Screen Turn to Normal

When the phone enters download mode successfully, the program will download the recovery package to help you fix the phone automatically and return it to normal state.

After the download is completed, your phone will return to normal as usual. In this process, please wait patiently, it won't take you too much time.

Step 6. Extract data from Android for backup

Not all system failures or firmware damage can be repaired, so it's best choice to back up your phone data at this time.
1) Turn back to the main interface and choose "Android Data Backup & Restroe".
2) Click on "Device Data Backup" or "One-click Backup" to go on.

Tips: If you can choose "One-click Backup", you will be asked to choose the saved path for the backup file.

3) Wait until your phone is detected automatically. Make sure that your phone is ready for backup, then click "Start" button to trigger the Android backup process.

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