How to Merge Multiple PDF Files/Pages Into One

May 20, 2019
Summary: Are you looking for a simple and effective PDF merger on the market so as to merge multiple PDF pages or multiple PDF files into one? This article will gives you a best solution.
"I received several PDF files and my supervisor asked me to merge them into one file. It's a bit of a dilemma for me, because I don't know how to merge. But I can't refuse it. So I've been looking for solutions online. But the result is not ideal, so far I still haven't found the right way." - This is the trouble from Alice.
As we all know, PDF is a relatively stable file format, so it is difficult for us to edit PDF files in general. But now everything is easier because of the constant development of science and technology. Various kinds of software are constantly appearing in front of us. Therefore, we can also use a dedicated PDF editor to merge multiple PDF files. And I recommend PDFelement 6 Pro in a lot of software.
PDFelement is an intelligent, multi-functional PDF editor and merger. With its help, you can quickly edit and annotate PDF. Editable items include text, images, links, pages, watermarks, backgrounds, headers, footers, etc.. You can also create PDF and convert it to other file formats. In addition to converting files, you can also extract and merge PDF files. Besides, you can use OCR to convert scanned PDFs into editable text. More importantly, your PDF file is secure. The program will not record the contents of your PDF file. You can use it to encrypt your PDF file so that your PDF has more protection.


Steps to Merge Multiple PDF Files Into One Document

Step 1. After downloading and installing PDFelement on your computer, please run it. Then you can see the main interface and you should click on "Combine PDF".

Step 2. Then, the program pops up a window where you can drag the PDF directly to the blank. In addition, you can also click "Add Files" in the upper left corner, and then program will display another window. Find the PDF files you need to merge in this window. Select them and click "Open". The selected PDF files will also appear in the blank. In the lower left corner, you can choose the storage path of the merged PDF file. When these are confirmed, click "Next".

Step 3. Soon, the merger of PDF was completed. You can see that the selected PDF files have been perfectly merged, you can continue to edit the merged file, you can also directly close the program if there are no other requirements.

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