How to Transfer Photos/Videos from iPhone to iPhone 7

Post Day 09/02/2016 10:32

iPhone 7 added a lot of new features, in the appearance and the built-in subtle changes also occurred. It has 3D Touch, flexible display, waterproof, fast wireless charging and other cool technology. iPhone 7 canceled the entity Home key. Home button will be integrated on the screen glass, in addition to fingerprint can be unlocked, but also can switch designated App by hand gestures.

I think the changes are really strong. And the introduction of the above is just a part of iPhone 7, but it is enough to make me fascinated.
I was also using iPhone. I can feel the power and the strength of the iOS system. So, I bought a iPhone 7, but I have a small problem, how do I get the original iPhone photos and video copied to iPhone 7? Is my idea feasible?
You can use Mobile Transfer to transfer data in two iPhone is not an impossible thing. This software is not only able to help you transfer your photos, videos from old iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S/6 to iPhone 7, it can also backup and delete your phone data. Moreover, it is not only limited to the iOS system, it can be used in different systems. In addition, the transfer of the data is also very comprehensive. The operation of this software is simple, fast transfer speed, is a good choice.
Method to Transfer Photos/Videos from iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C/6/SE to iPhone 7:
Step 1. Download, install and run Mobile Transfer.
You need to download and run the Mobile Transfer in your computer. Then, select "Phone To Phone Transfer" to enter the next step.
Step 2. Connect your two iPhones to your computer.
Next, you need to connect your two iPhones to the computer with the USB line. After successful connection, please confirm whether the old iPhone is displayed on the left and whether the iPhone 7 is displayed on the right. If the position is opposite, please click "Flip".
Step 3. Transfer photos and videos between two iPhones.
Between the two iPhones, showing all the data types can be transferred. By default, all types are already checked. If you just want to transfer photos and videos, then you need to cancel check the other type. Then,click "Start Transfer". Photos and videos in old iPhone start to move.
Remember: in the course of the transfer, please ensure that two phones have been connected to the computer.

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