Transfer All Data from iPhone to iPhone 7S/7S Plus

June 16, 2017
For loyal users of iPhone, when you buy a new iPhone 7S or 7S Plus, in addition to experience the great performance of phone, you may also need to complete an important and necessary task that is transfer the old iPhone data to the new iPhone 7S or 7S Plus.
Why is this task important and necessary? When we've used an iPhone for a while, it's natural that some important or meaningful data is stored in iPhone, such as contacts, photos, etc.. There is no such data in the new iPhone 7S or 7S Plus, and if we want to contact our friends, do we have to look at the contacts in the old iPhone? Isn't it troublesome? If the existing contacts in an old iPhone can be transferred to a new one, we can save that step. So, I think it's important and necessary to transfer data from an old phone to a new phone. But many users worry that the process is too tedious. Don't worry, there is a software that can help us dispel this concern.
Phone Transfer is a practical software so that you can easily transfer contacts, text messages, photos, music, video, call history, APP data, etc., between two phones. It supports various types of mobile devices, such as iPhone, SONY, HUAWEI, ZTE, OPPO, LG, Samsung, it not only has a strong compatibility, it still continues to progress and development, so it supports the latest Android and iOS system. In other words, the latest iPhone 7S and 7S Plus can also use Phone Transfer. In addition, Phone Transfer allows data transfer to be simple and fast, only three steps can be used to complete the data transfer.


One Click to Transfer Everything from Your Old iPhone to iPhone 7S/7S Plus


Step 1. Run the program and select a mode

First, download and install the Phone Transfer on your computer, and then run it. Next, you can see the window has four options, please select "Phone To Phone Transfer" and press "Start" to go on.


Step 2. Connect old iPhone and iPhone 7S/7S Plus

Connect your two phones to your computer with the USB cable. After successful connection, pay attention to the window whether your old iPhone is on the left side, if not, please click on "Flip".


Step 3. Select data and begin to transfer

Please select the data you need to transfe. Because all data are automatically checked by the system, you can cancel the data you don't need to transfer. And then click "Start Transfer". Wait a moment, after the success of the transferring, click "OK".

Please ensure that the phone is connected to the normal in the whole process of the transfer.


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