Transfer Data Contacts Photos Videos from iPhone to iPhone 8

February 03, 2017
Now there are many rumors about iPhone 8. For example, the screen will use curved glass, using OLED screen, ultra narrow frame design, Touch ID fingerprint identification will be placed under the screen, etc. These new designs fill the previous shortcomings of iPhone, I believe iPhone 8 can win people's recognition. And iPhone 8 has another meaning, it's the ten anniversary edition of iPhone. Therefore, iPhone 8 is still worthy of people's expectations.
For many old iPhone users just like the one who is using iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 and so on, iPhone 8 will undoubtedly stimulate their desire to buy, especially those who just want to change a new phone. So, you might want to transfer all the data from your old iPhone to iPhone 8 without spending too much of time and energy, what should you do?
To transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, you can not miss the Mobile Transfer, what's more, it is not only suitable for iPhone, it can also be applied to SONY, Samsung, HUAWEI, HTC, Google, ZTE, LG, OPPO, Nokia and other mobile phones. It can be compatible with more than 8000 phone models. The types of data can be transferred reach 9 kinds, including contacts, photos, music, video, text messages, calendar, call history, app and app data. The software provides you with an intuitive interface and a simple method of operation, you can easily achieve the purpose of transfer. More importantly, the software not only has the transfer function, it can also help you back up the phone data, restore the backup data to the phone and delete data in the phone.
Next, we will tell you how to transfer your all your data from one iPhone to iPhone 8 step by step.


Tutorial: Sync Data from Old iPhone to iPhone 8


Step 1. Run Mobile Transfer on Your Computer

First of all, you should download and install the Mobile Transfer or Mobile Transfer for Mac on your computer, after running it, please find and click "Phone To Phone Transfer" to enter the transfer mode.


Step 2. Connect Your iPhones to Computer

Use two USB lines to connect your iPhone devices to your computer. Then, you need to make sure that your old iPhone is displayed on the left, and the iPhone 8 is displayed on the right. You can easily change the location of your two phones by pressing "Flip".


Step 3. Transfer the Selected Data to iPhone 8

When your iPhones are recognized, you can see there are some options between the two phones, check the data that you want to transfer, including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music and so on, and then click on "Start Transfer", the program will automatically sync the selected content quickly.

Note: During this process, you also need to ensure that the connection between the two phones and computers is normal, so as not to affect the transmission efficiency.


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