How to Transfer Data Contacts from 5S to 6S

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iPhone has been on to high-quality camera is known, but this year's test results show the advantages of its Android phones already gone. Camera function is one of the most important functions of smart phones, people have long since abandoned the traditional cameras, through smart phones to record every moment of life, then these photos and videos by FacebookYouTube and Instagram to share with others.
After the test is completed, DxO Labs such evaluation to iPhone 6s: "Overall, Apple iPhone 6s continue to provide users between performance and user experience provides top-balance."

However, with the new 12 million pixel camera iPhone 6s did not exceed 800 million pixels of iPhone 6, this result is somewhat disappointing. In this regard, DxO Labs, said: "Apple is not able to photograph the noise control at a competitive level although iPhone 6s slightly higher than the iPhone 6 in the bright light of the details of integrity, but the best overall score compared to the list. still a big gap. "
Apple apparently there is still much room for improvement. Equipped with a 5.5-inch screen iPhone 6s Plus supports optical image stabilization, which should be able to improve the iPhone scores in terms of video capture.

But How to Transfer Data from iPhone 5S to iPhone 6S?

Those who already have the new iPhone 6S or are planning to buy a new one and are currently looking for a guide to transfer data from old iPhone 5S to new iPhone 6S, may follow our step-by-step tutorial. There are two methods to data transfer: one using iTunes and the other via iCloud. This will transfer the saved contacts, message, email accounts, photos, notes and other personal settings to the new iPhone 6S.
We will walk you through the easiest and most pain free methods to migrate everything from iPhone 5S or iPhone 6S to the brand spankin new iPhone 6S Plus with iPhone Data Transfer- Mobile Transfer.
The Free Trail Version Below:


Use Guide to Transfer Data Contacts from iPhone 5S to iPhone 6S:


Step 1: Install and running the Mobile Transfer Program on the Computer

After you download the propram, click "Phone to Phone Transfer" and go on.

Step 2: Connect both your iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S to the same PC

Please connect iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S on your computer via two USE cables.


Step 3: Sync contacts, text messages, video, photos, call logs, calendar from iPhone 5S to iPhone 6S

Important: During the process, never disconnect either phone.

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