Transfer iPhone Contacts/Photos/Calendar to iPhone 13

July 29, 2021
Summary:In this fast-paced era, changing phones is not a strange thing. But for trouble, it is difficult to transfer data. You try the trouble of data transmission. Below, this article will provide you with specific ways to transfer your data. Yes! This is a guide to how to pass on the Transfer iPhone Contacts/Photos/Calendar to iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 Info:

It is reported that the iPhone 13 series will provide two new color options together with black and gold. An information provider shared the four colors of iPhone 13 Pro Max and the image of the camera module behind triple on twitter. The overall design is very similar to the iPhone 12 Pro Max except for the color options. Apple expects to disclose four new models in the iPhone 13 series by the end of this year, including iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 Pro max.

Although apple did not share the information about the upcoming iPhone 13 series and launch, there have been some leaks of implied design and some specifications in the past. The latest outflow is that the user apple tomorrow (@ apple tomorrow) shared two images of iPhone 13 Pro Max in matte black, pearl, rose and sunset gold on twitter. Apple used to provide matt black and rose gold iPhone models, so pearl and sunset gold are two new colors. If necessary: Recover any data from iPhone
The scarlet gold is darker than the current gold option used in rose gold or iPhone 12 Pro max. The pearl color is similar to the currently available silver options. In addition, the rose color option is the rose gold color provided by apple in iPhone 7. This new color is available throughout the collection.

Problem Analysis:

Want to transfer from iPhone 6/7/8/9/x/11/12 contacts/messages/calendar/photos to the new iPhone 13? So handsome. But you may be worried about the way iphone transmits data to the iPhone. don't worry! On Android phones, you can safely move all important data through several ways of iPhone moving data.

Did you buy a new iPhone 13? Great! The first thing to do is activate and set up the machine, and then move all data from the previous iPhone to the new iPhone 13. I understand that most users choose icloud or iTunes to complete the task. But here, I would like to introduce a more effective and simpler method of transferring from iPhone to iPhone 13 without iTunes.

You recently changed a new iphone that is iPhone 13. It looks more beautiful, and it is more perfect than your previous phone. You feel very convenient to use. But........ in addition to being happy, you feel anxious because you don't have experience transferring data between phones, and if the data cannot be transferred successfully, it will affect your work and life.
However, you find the right guide and below will give you the right way to transfer data in two ways.

Method Outline:

Part 1:How to transfer iPhone Contacts/Photos/Calendar to iPhone 13.
Part 2:  how to back up your Android/iPhone Date.

Part 1:How to transfer iPhone Contacts/Photos/Calendar to iPhone 13.

First, first understand the simple and intuitive ways to transfer data, where you will find a way for you.

Method 1: Transfer iPhone Contacts/Photos/Calendar to iPhone 13 with Move to IOS.

The Move to IOS is an official way to transfer the Android to iPhone 13. It mainly used for transport between Android and iPhone users. It is very convenient, and you can choose to transfer your video, audio, pictures and contacts.
Step 1: Download the Move to IOS app in your iPhone 13 store.
Open this software and then click "app &data", next click "move Data from Android".

Step 2: Connect your Android with the iPhone 13.
Start the application on your Android device and click “Continue” button at the prompt. Go back to your iPhone13, and then click "Continue" and when move from Android" appears, enter the screen code into the Android device.

Step 3: Select the data and transfer them.
After entering the code in you can browse the list of everything you want to transfer. Clicking on "next" data starts the transmission. Click the transmission with the "done" button.

Method 2: Transfer iPhone Contacts/Photos/Calendar to iPhone 13 using iTunes.

Using iTunes effectively enables data transfer between Android/iPhone and iPhone 13. But this approach is a time-consuming effort. Because you first have to transfer your Android/iPhone to your computer and then use iTunes to sync your computer data to iPhone 13. This is an indirect approach.
Step 1: Copy your Android/iPhone to the PC.
Connect your Android/iPhone to your computer and turn on the "computer." According to your device icon enter "internal storage", folder named "DICM" saves your photo video audio etc.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to your computer and upload the data.
After a successful connection, open your iTunes and click on your iPhone icon. If you want to upload the picture, click “Picture”> “sync” to sync the photos and select your DICM folder. If you want to upload a video, choose "include video"> "apply". Then the system will start synchronizing your photos and video profiles.

Step 3: When all the data you want to transfer is synced, your Android/iPhone is successfully transferred to iPhone 13.
Method 3: Transfer iPhone Contacts/Photos/Calendar to iPhone 13 from Mobile Transfer.
Mobile Transfer is the simplest and direct method of data transmission, and its operation is also very simple. One click to transfer your  Data from Android/iPhone to iPhone 13. It can transfer data between the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian each other without any loss. Support 6000+ devices. 

Its Distinguished Features:
1.Transfer contacts, text messages, photos and other file types directly between devices.
2.Restore the backup from Blackberry 7/10, iTunes, iCloud, OneDrive, Kies to your phone.
3.Fully compatible with iOS 12 and Android 9.0.
4.Erase old mobile phones to prevent data loss
5.Backup & Restore Your Data

Step 1:Download install, and launch Mobile Transfer application on your computer. 

Step 2: Connecting your Android/iPhone to iPhone 13 via a USB cable. Next click “phone to phone transfer” option on homepage.

Step 3:Choose Date files that you want to transfer and click “start transfer”. wait a minutes later, your Data will successfully transfer. 


Part 2:  how to back up your Android/iPhone Date.

This section will transfer your Android/iPhone to iPhone 13 by backing up the data,different from the above direct recovery method, which also can protect your data effectively.

Method 4: Back up your Android/iPhone to iPhone 13 through cloud service.

Also, you can back up your Android/iPhone to iPhone 13 by leveraging Google Drive. You can first back up your Android/iPhone such as contacts, videos, pictures, etc., at Google Drive before taking advantage of the sync service feature.
Step 1: Install Google Drive on both your Android/iPhone and iPhone 13 devices and then upload the files from Android to Google Drive.
After downloading the program, open your Android/iPhone and log into the Google account. Click the button "+" on the screen and select "Upload" to upload the file you want to transfer.

PS: If you want to upload the photos, you can choose to open the file from the "Gallery" / "Pictures" to import the photos from your Android.
Step 2: Download the files from the Google Drive to the iPhone 13.
Run on your Google Drive on iPhone and log in to the same Google account. Here you can view your iPhone/Android data and then choose to download the file. For example, select a photo, then click “enter” button, and click "Send a copy" and Last select "save the image" option. Now, you can see your photos in your iPhone13.

Method 5: Back up your Android/iPhone to iPhone 13 through Mobile Transfer.

The last method is to back up your Android/iPhone data first and then transfer your Android/iPhone by restoring your backup data. In addition to transferring your data directly, the Mobile Transfer software can also back up your data. It is a powerful software piece.

Step 1: Open mobile transfer application. Click“back up your phone” among other options on the homepage.

Step 2: Next, connecting Android/iPhone device to the computer with a USB Cable.

Step 3: Finally, select Data you want to backup and tap "Start transfer". Once your Android/iPhone Data is backed up successfully you can recover your backup Data on iPhone 13 easily.

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