Transfer iPhone Data/Contacts/Messsages/Photos to iPhone 13/pro

July 06, 2021
Summary: Apple will offer several new devices, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro, which are provided with Apple's new chipset and other functions, to the conference. If you want to upgrade your previous iPhone to the latest version, you must transfer all data from the previous device to the new iPhone 13 after purchase. The main point is the simple method of making.
iPhone 13/pro Info:
The iPhone 13 series can support faster wireless charging, suggesting the latest leaks. The phone is said to offer better heat release than the previous iPhone 12 series and a larger wireless charging coil that allows fast charging speed. Leaks also argue that vertical mode video features will exist in the iPhone 13 model. Apple is expected to unveil its new iPhone 13 series in September, but Cupertino's giant has yet to disclose details.
Everything applepro showed YouTube the latest streaming video of the upcoming iPhone 13 series with Max weinbach. The latest tip of the iPhone 13 model and larger wireless charging coil, which is expected to be released in September, has a lot of leaks. The increase in the wireless charging coil may be for better thermal management, or it may support higher watts. Compared with the iPhone 12 model, which supports 15W charging speed, the iPhone 13 model provides faster wireless charging function.
In February, weinbach announced that the 2021 iPhone model will improve MagSafe technology with more powerful magnets. It may also be an indicator of larger wireless charging coils and faster charging speed.
You have purchased a new iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 pro. Do you want to transfer data from your previous iPhone now? Apple provides a variety of ways to get data from previous iPhones, and the whole process is relatively simple.
iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro have launched the best iPhone lineup together, and you can get the shining new iPhone. But I want to transfer data from my old iPhone to my new one. What should we do? There are several ways to do this using icloud or through a Mac or PC and wired connection. Here's the best way to transfer data with the new iPhone 13/Pro.

If necessary: 
How to Restore Data from Backup to New iPhone
So, how can i sync old iPhone 6/8/x/11/12 data to iPhone 13?
Methods Outline:
Method 1: Sync the previous iPhone to new iPhone 13/Pro via iTunes
Method 2: Transfer iPhone files/contacts/messsage to iPhone 13 via Mobile Transfer
Method 3: Transfer old iPhone data to iPhone 13 with iCloud
Method 4: Video Guide to Transfer iPhone data to iPhone 13
Method 1: Sync the previous iPhone to new iPhone 13/Pro via iTunes
If you want to restore new iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 pro data in an iTunes backup, first make sure that there is an available iTunes backup. Otherwise, back up your previous iPhone via iTunes.
In the new iPhone 13/13pro, after setting the language and network on the new iPhone, select Restore in the backup of iTunes, then connect the iPhone 13/13pro to iTunes, select backup, and restore to the new iPhone 13/13pro. Complete the process and complete the last few steps when the new iPhone is ready.
Of course, when the new iPhone 13/13 Pro was set as a new machine, it can also be restored in the backup of iTunes. Please connect your iPhone 13 to iTunes first, and then click on the device icon. The middle of the panel shows the backup and recovery options. Click the button to restore the backup to iiphone 13/13 pro. But remember that if you restore the backup on iPhone 13, all existing data will be deleted.
Method 2: Transfer iPhone files/contacts/messsage to iPhone 13 via Mobile Transfer
When upgrading to the latest iPhone 13, you need to synchronize data between the previous iPhone and the new iPhone. Of course, using icloud and iTunes, transferring from the previous iPhone to the iPhone 13 is not a big problem. If you set up the backup file correctly, you don't have to worry about the data transfer between the two iPhones. However, due to some reason, the initial setting is not correct, or the backup file is wrong. If there is no backup, you need to use other effective methods to transfer data. Here are some common tips and best ways to simply transfer data from the previous iPhone to iPhone 13.
Now there is a simple way to completely solve your thorny problem, which can be solved with the help of the phone to phone transfer program. Photo to phone transfer is a safe and effective data transmission tool, including SMS/imessages, photos, contact, call records, video, music, calendar, applications, etc. The program not only supports data transmission between iPhones, but also can transmit data between various mobile phones running different operating systems such as Android mobile phones.

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How to Transfer Data from Damaged iPhone to New iPhone
If you are looking for a quick and easy way to move from the previous iPhone to the new iPhone 13, you can send SMS, contact, photos, videos and photos through the powerful iPhone to iPhone Transfer tool - mobile transfer. With one click, you can enjoy files from iPhone 11/12/XS/XR/X/8/7/6 to iPhone 13/13 pro. In addition, Android to IOS, IOS to IOS, IOS to Android, Android to Android are the world's first software to support data transmission.


Steps to Transfer old iPhone to new iPhone 13/pro:
Step 1: Running photo to phone transfer on PC
Download and install phone transfer on your computer. Run after installation The blue part of Phone to phone transfer is displayed on this label.

Reference: in this case, you need to select "Phone to Phone Transfer". You can use teleportation to back up and restore your files.
Step 2: Connecting two iPhones to a PC
After the phone transfer is started, the information of connecting the previous iPhone and iPhone 13 to the computer is displayed through the USB cable. After connecting, both iPhone models will appear on the interface. Please show the previous iPhone to the original device in the box on the left, and confirm whether the iPhone 13 on the right shows as the target device.

Step 3: iPhone 13 data synchronization
When both devices are detected, the program will start scanning the source device's files. After scanning, the data stored in the previous iPhone will be scanned. You can choose the type of data you want to transfer (for example: "text message" and "contact"). Then click "Start Transfer" and send it from iPhone to iPhone 13.
Method 3: Transfer old iPhone data to iPhone 13 with iCloud
If icloud backup was enabled for iPhone before, you can restore iPhone 13 in icloud backup of iPhone before. When using icloud, you need to connect your iPhone to a stable Wi Fi network connection and make sure there is enough icloud space available. If you want to learn how to use icloud to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone 13, follow these steps. If necessary: Backup iPhone Data Contacts Messages Call Logs Apps to PC
Step 1: Open the settings app in the previous iPhone.
Step 2: Move to icloud > backup when using IOS 12 or the previous version. When using IOS 12 or later, select user name > icloud > icloud backup.
Step 3: Switch to icloud backup, click back up now, and then connect your iPhone to Wi Fi until the process is complete.
Step 4: After backing up your iPhone to icloud, move to the application and data screen of iPhone 13 and select "Restore from iCloud Backup".
Step 5: log in with Apple ID and password and select the backup just generated. After that, all the data of the iPhone is successfully synchronized to the new iPhone 13.
Method 4: Video Guide to Transfer iPhone data to iPhone 13

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