How to Restore Data from Backup to New iPhone

January 20, 2016
“In an accidental opportunity, I got an iPhone 6s. I have been use Samsung machine before. I will back up my data on a regular basis with Kies. Therefore, I have a backup file. However, I want to restore data from Kies backup to my new iPhone, is this possible? Who can help me?”
“I heard that the iPhone 7 is coming. What attract me is ultra-thin shape, stainless steel body. I'm really looking forward to this kind of mobile phone. In fact, I've used various types of mobile phone, such as Sony Z3, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Huawei Mate 7 and Lumia 635. All of them, I used to have the backup data. I want to know whether can I restore data from them to new iPhone? Or is there any overall data transfer tool can be recommended?”
“I have been use BlackBerry phone before. Now, my new phone is iPhone 6. Who can tell me how to extract my contacts from the BlackBerry backup which was created by OneDrive, and move it to my new iPhone 6?”

More and more people will backup data regularly. Because it can reduce the possibility of a loss of data. How to restore data? I think everyone want to know. Therefore, the above problem was appeared. I know an all-in-one method can solve all tha above questions. It is Mobile Transfer. Mobile Transfer is data transfer software. With the help of it, we can restore data from the backup files of different systems to new iPhone. Next, let me tell you how to do.
The first thing you need to do is download Mobile Transfer, then install and run it on your PC.

Five Ways to Restore Data From Backup Files to New iPhone

After launching the program, you can see the primary window of the software as below, please connect your new iPhone device via USB cable to your computer, and follow the below steps to go on.

Way 1 Restore Samsung Kies Backup to new iPhone

Step 1. Click “Restore From Backups” Mode. And then please press “Kies” to the next step.
Step 2. And then, the software will load the Samsung Kies backups inside your PC. After scanning, choose what you want to restores from the selected Kies backup and press "Start Copy" to move them to your iPhone.

Way 2 Restore iTunes Backup to new iPhone

Step 1. Choose “Restore From Backups" mode on the homepage. And the press “iTunes” to start. You need to select the iTunes backup files you wanted to extract the data inside.
Step 2. Cilck on the files you want to transfer from your iTunes backup to new iPhone. When the iPhone device by the program, please press "Starts Transfer" to restore them to your new iPhone.


Way 3 Restore iCloud Backup to new iPhone

Step 1. Press "Restore From Backups" > "iCloud".
Step 2. In this step, you should log in your iCloud to download the backups files. According to the prompt to download which you wanted to the computer.

Step 3. After extracting the data from the iCloud backup, select the data you need and click "Start Copy" to sync them to your new iPhone.

Way 4 Restore OneDrive Backup to new iPhone

Step 1. Similarly, click on "OneDrive" from the "Restore From Backups" panel.
Step 2. Login your OneDrive account so as to load your wanted backup.
Step 3. Select the data you would like to restores, click "Start Copy".
Note: Contacts, videos, photos, music are availiable now.

Way 5 Restore BlackBerry Backup to new iPhone

Step 1. Open the software to press the “BlackBerry” from “Restores From Backups”.
Step 2. Select the files you would like to Transfer by checking the box beside each file type. You can click on "Add backup file" if you don’t see the backup file in the list on the left.
Step 3. After scanning, select the content in the middle panel you want to restore from BlackBerry to iPhone. Finally, click “Starts Copy” to restore.
Tips: No matter which restored methods you had been chosed, please keep your iPhone connected through the entire process.

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