Transfer Data from Backup Files to iPhone 7S/7S Plus

June 19, 2017
According to the CEO of Wistron, the upcoming 5.5 inch iPhone 7S Plus will feature both waterproof and wireless charging. The iPhone 7S Plus is equipped with an un detachable battery at 3000 MAH. It will support wireless charging. When two cameras will continue to become one of the standard configuration of the new iPhone Plus, the concept of iPhone 7S Plus configuration of the rear camera of 16 million pixels. And the RAM of iPhone 7S Plus will increase to 4GB, and still can have 256GB of ROM at the same time.
There is no doubt that not just me to ay attention to the new iPhone, but also a large number of smartphone users, such as iPhone, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, and so on. Besides, when talking about changing the phone, of course, you can't ignore the data inside it.
Phone data including contacts, text messages, photos, music, videos and more are the most important thing in the age of information. As the information is too much, data backup is common today. To restore the data you need from backup files selectively to iPhone 7S/7S Plus, it is a little complicated to complete it by your own. But with the help of Phone Transfer, any kinds of data transfer from phone or backups is not complicated any more.
Phone Transfer is the all-in-one data transfer tool, it can help you restore your personal data from different backup files to new phone by using the feature of "Restore from Backups", includes iCloud backup, iTunes backup, Kies backup, BlackBerry backup, OneDrive backup, etc. Besides, you can also transfer data from phone to phone, and back up your phone data by using this program with ease.



Steps to Transfer Data from Backup Files to iPhone 7S/7S Plus

First of all, download, install and run the Phone Transfer on your computer, then click on "Restore from Backups" in the primary interface.


Part 1. Restore from MobileTrans Backup to iPhone 7S/7S Plus

Step 1. Choose MobileTrans
If you've ever used Phone Transfer to backup your phone data before, choose "MobileTrans" to scan all the backup files on your computer.

Then you get your iPhone 7S/7S Plus connected to the computer. You can see the image and brand name of your device shown on Destination.
Step 2. Restore the selected data to iPhone 7S/7S Plus
Here, choose the file type that you want to transfer from selected backup file on the content list. After that, click "Start Transfer" to begin data restoring.Then, you can see the speed of restoring process and what kinds of items are restored successfully.

During the entire process, please keep your device connected until the transfer is completed.


Part 2. Restore from iCloud Backup to iPhone 7S/7S Plus

Step 1. Sign in Your iCloud account
Select iCloud and connect your iPhone 7S/7S Plus to computer, making it to be detected and recognized. Once connected successfully, you can see the image of your device on the Destination.

After connection, please log in you iCloud account.

Step 2. Download your iCloud backup
After entering your iCloud account, you can see all your iCloud backup files. Check the backup file you need, and choose Download on the pop-up message to download the selected backup file.

Step 3. Restore iCloud backup to your iPhone 7S/7S Plus
Once the download is done, select the content you need to restore and click on the "Start Transfer" button. After a while, the selected items are restored to iPhone 7S/7S Plus.

During the restoring, please do not disconnect your device.

Part 3. Restore from iTunes Backup to iPhone 7S/7S Plus

Step 1. Choose "iTunes" to Restore the backup
Choose "iTunes" and connect your iPhone 7S/7S Plus to computer.

Step 2. Select and Restore iTunes backup to your iPhone 7S/7S Plus
Here, your iPhone 7S/7S Plus is recognized and shown as a image in the Destination. Select an iTunes backup file on the displayed list and choose options that you want to restore from the content list.

In addition, if you need, you can use the "clear data before copy" feature to erase your device before restore the iTunes backup.

When it's all ready, use "Start Transfer" button to begin the process. Your device needs to keep in the state of connection.
After the restoring process, the transfer is done.

Part 4. Restore from Kies Backup to iPhone 7S/7S Plus

Step 1. Choose "Kies" and choose a backup file
choose Kies to load all the Kies backup files on your computer. To make the software detect and recognize your iPhone 7S/7S Plus, your device need to be connected to the computer.

Step 2. Restore Kies backup to your iOS or Android device
Now, the image of your device is on the Destination, and all backup files are displayed on the backup file list. Choose the file you would like to transfer. If you can't find the backup file you need, you can use the function of "Add Backup File" for additional options.

After selecting file tyeps from the content list, hit "Start Transfer" button. Then, the restoring proceeds. The restoring process complete as soon as possible and the data you need is transferred to your iPhone 7S/7S Plus. Keep the phones connected through the process.


Part 5. Restore from BlackBerry Backup to iPhone 7S/7S Plus

Step 1. Choose "BlackBerry" to load the backup files
Select "BlackBerry" from the options displayed to load all the backup files of your BlackBerry smartphone.

Step 2. Restore BlackBerry backup to your iOS or Android device
Here, select backup file from the left list and check the items you want to restore from the content list. Comfirm the name of the device on the Destination is your iPhone 7S/7S Plus.

Now, click "Start Transfer" button, and the data restoring process begins. You can see the process in the detail. Once the process is complete, the selected data is restored to your device.

Before restoring, if you want to clear your device, use the option "Clear data before copy". During restoring, please make sure the connection of your device is steady.

Part 6. Restore from OneDrive Backup to iPhone 7S/7S Plus

Step 1. Choose "OneDrive" to restore the backup
Choose "OneDrive" from the options presented. After that, please sign in your OneDrive account and authorize the permission.

Step 2. Restore OneDrive backup to your iOS Device
Once you've got in the account, you can choose the file type that you want to restore to your device. Then click on "Start Transfer" to begin the process. If the transfer is complete, you are told that the selected data is transferred completely.

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