Backup iPhone Data Contacts Messages Call Logs Apps to PC

February 02, 2016
Mobile backup is the protection of data, such as contacts and other important information. We can quickly restore the data when the data is lost or mobile phone system developed a fault. So you can restore the data from backup to your phone after data losing. If your mobile phone virus, or emergency, backing up phone data can ensure that your phone’s data is not loss. So to say, mobile phone backup for each users is necessary. There are a lot of ways to back up the phone, for backing up iPhone data, I want to introduce a well-known software - Phone Transfer.

Phone Transfer is a versatile software. It can back up the contents of the phone to the computer, including Contacts, SMS, Call Logs, Calendar, Photos, Videos, App, etc. It can also transfer data between phones even running different systems, such as Android, iOS, Symbian and so on. In addition, it can restore the contents of the backup to any supported phones, as well as the phone format, delete the contents of the phone.
IDC latest report shows that Apple is still the largest U.S. smart phone companies, so I take iPhone as an example to introduce how to use Phone Transfer to achieve data backup from iPhone.

Steps to Back Up Your Data from iPhone to Computer


Step 1. Download and Run the Software

First, you can click "Try It Free" on the first page of the website, and then it will pop up a download box, and then you have to download it as required. After download, install and run it. This interface will have "please select a solution” and four solutions for you to choose, namely“Phone to Phone Transfer”,“Restore From Backups”,“Back Up Your Phone”and“Erase Your Old Phone”. Because you need to back up data, so click "Back Up Your Phone".

Step 2. Connect Your Phone to Your Computer

After you click "Back Up Your Phone", you need to connect your iPhone to your PC via USB cable. After the success of the connection, on the left is your cell phone's interface.

Step 3. Start to Backup Data to the Computer

When you connect to the phone, you will find that the content in the middle box is checked. You can choose the data you need to back up. And we now need to back up Text Messages and Logs Call to the computer, you should uncheck the content which you don’t need. Choose finished, click "Start transfer". Waiting for a moment, when the data backup is completed, click "OK". You need to note is that the phone is always connected in the backup process

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